BMG in Fireworks Magazine U.K

++++ATTENTION++++ Blind Man's Gun latest album "Beyond the Darkness" was reviewed in the latest issue of Fireworks Magazine in the UK #78. WE LIKE THAT ! One of our songs namely "Hands Off" is also on the cd which comes with this issue. UNBELIEVABLE :-D You think this is it? NOOOOO, there is also a nice interview about us which gives you some crazy insights about Naddy and the boys. ++++ACHTUNG++++ Unser letztes Album "Beyond the Darkness" hat ein cooles Review in der Ausgabe von Fireworks Magazine #78 bekommen. DAS FINDEN WIR OBERGEIL. Außerdem ist unser Song "Hands Off" auf der CD, die mit dem Magazin geliefert wird neben vielen anderen starken Bands vertreten. Ihr denkt das war es? NEIN,

NEW ALBUM: Beyond the Darkness
Evil Eyes 
Beyond the Darkness
One Thousand

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