After Blind Man's Gun debut album "Helldorado" the close compositional collaboration between guitarist Lars and singer Nadine has spawned the majority of new raw material that resulted in the making of their second album “Beyond the Darkness” including 10 Songs. The album was officially released October 28th 2016 with Alster Records from Hamburg, Germany.


The centrepiece of the new album comprises three songs: Evil Eyes, Beyond the Darkness & One Thousand. The trilogy tells about the destruction of the earth by human beings who try to save their own living space at last. Influenced and overwhelmed by the greed for power and wealth the human being forgets about the importance of health, happiness and friendship.
Blind Man’s Gun music is dramatic and passionate, every word well considered and powerfully interpreted. Heavy rock riffs meet the front woman’s melodic vocals with unpredictable outcomes. Expect manic and subtly obscene & thought-provoking lyrics. The theme of the new album is: „Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.“ (Confucius) The quote points out the importance that one should never loose hope and nor give up.


Blind Man’s Gun has reached a new level and wants to exceed new limits. Torben Ibs and Lars Springer (Noiseboys) produced the album. Vocal recordings and backing vocals were taken over by Henning Basse who is one of the most successful singers in the rock and metal scene. Lars Springer and Nadine Meyer composed music and lyrics. Nadine also did the graphic design of the album.

Check out all the songs at Itunes or Amazon or buy our cd at our shop!

Evil Eyes 
Beyond the Darkness
One Thousand
Blind Man's Gun
Dragon Lady
Vodoo Child - Heavy Return


Blind Man's Gun debut album "Helldorado" was published in 2014.


Among others it was reviewed by Ulf Kubanke ( "Naddy Gun and her boys at their best!! Their album is the opposite of a dud shell."

The album comprises German and English heavy rock songs and is a must have for every biker and rock lover.

Check out all the songs at Itunes or Amazon or buy our cd at our shop!


Beyond the Darkness

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