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Awesome Review of "Beyond the Darkness" from the U.K. Black Phoenix Rising!

1. HELLDORADO: - From the onset you are assailed by metal mayhem with Naddy's screaming vocals along side hard driving guitars as the number pelts away stomping its authority all over you. Naddy has a powerful voice and delivers the track with aggression. Classy guitar shredding slice through you like a knife through butter whilst Dirk's bass lines and Arne's thundering drums provide a solid hard rock anchor. This is great head banging stuff with an anthem style chorus. A highly enjoyable track to open the album. RUNNING TIME: - 4.01 MINS. 2. INSIDE OUT: - Heavy stomping guitars and drums assault your senses right from the beginning. Naddy's angry vocals are full of angst as she delvers the song in fine style. A darker underlying thread runs through the number giving it an even harder edge. Super soaring duel guitar work from Sebastian and Lars make a great impact. this is a straight forward hard hitting rocker that stomps along with ease. RUNNING TIME: - 4.06 MINS. 3. EVIL EYES: - This is the first track of the centrepiece trilogy about the destruction of the earth by the greed of the human race. This is a stonking hard hitting rocker full of gutsy beats and powerful driving deep licks. Naddy really shines here with her harsh vocals and aggressive tones. Top notch lead guitar work, gritty deep bass notes and thundering drums all combine to make this track a storming affair that has a Sabbath style feel in places. Good changes of pace within the number gives it that extra interest. Over powering stuff with Naddy's vocals really soaring in places. RUNNING TIME: - 4.28 MINS. 4. BEYOND THE DARKNESS: - The centre track of the centrepiece and the title track of the album opens with some nasty harsh male vocals as the track kicks into another hard no messing rocker. Naddy's vocals soar and are very effective and, at times, send a little shiver up your spine. Lots of dark vibes abound within this boiling melting pot. Great melodic style guitar licks are well delivered. A great vibe to this number with Naddy's vocals and the harsher vocals working perfectly along side each other. RUNNING TIME: - 4.01 MINS. 5. ONE THOUSAND: - The final track of the trilogy starts with a super addictive edgy tempo that draws you in straight away. Naddy uses her vocal charm, full of temptation, as she digs her claws into you, and really lets rip in the latter stages. This is a slightly slower drawling number that creeps its way into your being. The guitar work mid way is a delight. Deep bass lines and rock steady drumming powers the track along as it drills its way into you with its varied heavy rock flair. A classy song delivered with care and affection that leaves you suspended at the end. RUNNING TIME: - 5.16 MINS.

6. BLACK KNIGHT: - Opening with some deep bass notes from Dirk as the track begins to burn with a hard edged rock beat. driving buzzing guitar riffs along with Naddy's throaty vocals all work in unison together to deliver this more straight forward steamy rock track. Excellent guitar licks around mid way will have you reaching to play your air guitar. This is a bubbling melting pot of hard rocking delight. A great song with Naddy producing some unearthly vocals at the end. A gutsy, ballsy piece. RUNNING TIME: - 5.05 MINS. 7. HANDS OFF: - Here we go, with an adrenaline fuelled fist pumping rocker that smashes you in the face from the onset. Naddy shines with her strong edgy vocal delivery, "HANDS OFF DON'T TOUCH ME AGAIN" Naddy warns. A thumping little number that rocks along at a steady pace with the chorus having a slight commercial feel. Once again the guitar solos are great and have that melodic feel to them. Yep, a good little hard rock number. RUNNING TIME: - 3.42 MINS. 8. PURPLE PARACHUTE: - We are back to a more heavy metal vibe with deep edgy guitar lines and classy varied vocals from Naddy. This is fist pumping stuff with a chunky funky tempo. The track takes you up and down on a small roller coaster ride. There is everything here that you want from solid bass licks, pounding drums and great grinding, soaring guitar solos. Within the number you can feel the make up flirting with the old school style. A highly enjoyable affair. RUNNING TIME: - 4.22 MINS. 9. PRELUDE TO PIECES: - A gentle filler with soft guitar work and Naddy producing more toned down vocals. Slightly haunting with the guitar work producing a wonderful feel. RUNNING TIME: - 1.11 MINS. 10. BROKEN MIRROR PIECES: - A rocking battering ram pounds away at your door in this very enjoyable number. Naddy is back on fine form with her unique vocal tone and full on gutsy delivery. Soaring guitar shredding against the rolling drums and driving bass licks create a steadfast little heavy number to finish the album. Whilst at the end the track turns more subtle with gentle guitar licks to take us out and bring us back down to earth softly after the roller coaster ride throughout the album. RUNNING TIME: - 3.55 MINS. OH YEAH, This is a solid album nothing fancy, just full on Heavy rock as it should be played. Naddy is an excellent hard rock front women, her vocals are edgy and gutsy, no growling or operatic's here. The musicianship is of a top quality and highly enjoyable. A perfect album to get you headbanging and reaching for your air guitar. The trilogy centrepiece tracks are well constructed and are a highlight of the album. There is an increase in bands reverting back to the more hard rock style, and this band are right up there with the best of them. Go get this album and give the band your support, the album deserves to be in any hard rock fans collection. Look forward to their next release. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED....9.5/10

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